Looking for someone to manage your building and help preserve its value?
Idan (S.N.I.) Management and Holdings Ltd has been a leader in building management throughout Israel for over a decade.
Our professional approach guarantees you two primary advantages:
  • Quality of Life
    allowing you, the residents, to enjoy your leisure time while we worry about everything connected to the maintenance of the building (correcting malfunctions, carrying out repairs, collecting fees, making payments to institutions, etc.)
  • Saving and preserve your property
    helping to preserve your property’s value through maintaining a well-kept garden, a clean lobby, reliable elevators and meticulously reinforced structures.
In order to guarantee you these valuable benefits, we operate according to the following key principles:
  • Preventative Maintenance
    We maintain a close-knit control mechanism over all the building’s systems in order to locate any irregularities and repair them before they become “failures”. This approach ensures the reduction of unexpected costs for residents.
  • Ongoing Treatment
    We provide daily maintenance wherever it is required in the building - lobby, parking lots, gardens, stairways and more. This treatment keeps your living space pleasant, inviting and fun to live in.
  • Ongoing Communication
    As part of our commitment to customer service, we respond promptly to all calls and treat each problem immediately. In addition, we then report on the completion of the repair and the way in which the problem was handled.
In Order...
  • Professionalism
    Our maintenance teams specialize in a variety of fields, including plumbing, electricity, communication, air conditioning and carpentry. Idan hand-picks its teams from among the leading professionals in the field. Through close cooperation with leading companies and advisors, we ensure that our team members are familiar with all the latest technological developments.
  • Skill
    Our Company’s strict quality control mechanisms guarantee the highest standards of work and level of service.
  • Centralization and Availability
    The centralization of our maintenance teams under one roof enables us to provide you with immediate solutions to any need or problem at all times.
  • Our Legal Department
    Idan works in cooperation with seasoned lawyers in order to provide you with solutions to a variety of issues that may arise in your building, such as the management of residents’ meetings, the implementation of laws governing communal maintenance of the building, building alterations (addition of floors, external renovations, etc.), disputes between neighbours and the introduction of additional elevators.